Level Ladder (Male)

Note: Also see: Level Ladder Female.

Level 1

  • Moves "You've got Moves! Show the World."
  • Crush "Got a Crush? Don't keep it a secret! Give your heart to someone."
  • Email "Send and receive private inbox messages."
  • Friends "Keep track of your ourWorld friends."

Level 2

  • Wave "A new dance move."
  • The Pier "Check out the Pier for activities and more challenges."

Level 3

  • Side2Side "A new gesture move."
  • Comments "Leave comments on Profiles for friends and soon-to-be friends."

Level 4

  • Turn "A new emote move."
  • Soho "Goto Soho for an upscale experience."

Level 5

  • Head Scratch "A new gesture move."
  • Game Challenges "See Doug Bot on The Pier to start a Game Challenge."

Level 6

  • Phooey! "A new emote move."
  • Electric Avenue "Goto Electric Avenue for a rockin' good time."

Level 7

  • Well "A new gesture move."
  • Camera "Use the Camera to take pictures of anything you want."

Level 8

  • Exercise "A new gesture move."
  • Wonderland "Hop on over to Wonderland. Try a sweet from Cake Mania."

Level 9

  • Whatever "A new emote move."
  • Get A Job "Take a job at Buzz, Flo's Dinner, or Cake Mania"

Level 10

  • Hand Raise "A new emote move."
  • Nevermore "Buy a Flow-boosting treat from Midnight Cafe."

Level 11

  • Big Jump "A new emote move"
  • Custom Chat Text "Customize your chat with color and fonts."

Level 12

  • Shoo "A new emote move"
  • Throw and Shoot "Toss some items around the world for fun."
  • Beat Street "Find your rhythm on Beat Street."
  • Challenges "Say hi to Weatherby at Wonderland for a new challenge."

Level 13

  • Big Up "A new emote move"
  • Super Store "Save time with one-step shopping at the Super Store."

Level 14

  • Hoorah "A new emote move."
  • Vegas World "Feeling lucky? Check out the slot machines!"
  • Emoticons "Express yourself with Emoticons."

Level 15

  • Kahuna "A new dance move."
  • Brag Bag "Flaunt your best stuff."

Level 16

  • Snazz "A new dance move."

Level 17

  • Step Up "A new dance move."

Level 18

  • Clap "A new emote move"
  • Super Friend "You are now responsible enough for a Super Friend."

Level 19

  • Bump Roll "A new emote move."

Level 20

  • Stomp'n "A new dance move."
  • Skates "Get some skates!"

Level 21

  • Kiss "A new emote gesture move."

Level 22

  • The Wop "A new dance move."

Level 23

  • Hippie "A new dance move."

Level 24

  • Knee Grab "A new dance move."

Level 25

  • Twist "A new dance move."
  • Form A Crew "Lead your own Crew."

Level 26

  • Moodwalk "A new dance move."

Level 27

  • Exit & Mouse "A new dance move."

Level 28

  • Roger Rabbit "A new dance move."

Level 29

  • Slide "A new dance move."

Level 30

  • Coffee Grinder
  • Skateboards "Go even faster on a skateboard."

Level 31

  • Scuba Dance "A new dance move."

Level 32

  • Birdy "A new dance move."

Level 33

  • Mime "A new gesture move."

Level 34

  • Stomp Glide "A new dance move."

Level 35

  • Lookabout "A new dance move."

Level 36

  • Loop "A new dance move."

Level 37

  • Funky Chicken "A new dance move."

Level 38

  • Funky Chicken 2 "A new dance move."

Level 39

  • Neck Move "A new dance move."

Level 40

  • Swaying "A new dance move.
  • Hoverboards "Get off the ground on a hoverboard."

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