I Heart Ourworld

Location: GetUpz - Character Page

  • Only accessable through GetUpz.
  • Items can only be purchased once through this shop.
  • You get 20% off of these items.

Name Price Level
hair_icon.png Tyler Hair 55,000 Coins or 12 Gems 13 (Coins)/No level (Gems)
Bottoms%20Icon.png Freeway Pants 23 Gems No level
Tops%20Icon.png I heart ourWorld T-Shirt 50,000 Coins or 11 Gems 15 (Coins)/No level (Gems)
feet%20icon.png Canny Two Ton Shoes 55,000 Coins or 12 Gems 15 (Coins)/No level (Gems)
accessories%20icon.png Basic Buckle Belt 1,450 Coins 11
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