Collect Cool Items.
Earn daily Coins for each outfit you unlock.
You don't have to keep items once an outfit is unlocked.
GetUpz outfits are organized into Stages.
Complete each Stage to unlock its prize.

Stage Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Reward
Stage 1 BB Jersey Beach Bum Breakdown ourWorld Stylish Beanie
Stage 2 Seaside Modish Rawr Sporty Slick Vest
Stage 3 Villa Traffic Skullbat Stylish Oval Shades
Stage 4 Atrophy Thrashed I Heart ourWorld Golden Eagle Necklace
Stage 5 Multi-Zipper Ski Resort Camo Band Industrial Style Boots
Stage 6 Afternoon Checkered Revolution Techno Headset
Stage 7 Chill Hoist Sugar Star (2) Techno Vest
Stage 8 Vinyl Rebel Football Windy Scarf
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